Dressing With a Heart for His Glory: 4

It’s snowing outside today, and was white this morning. Yesterday Mrs. Douglass said it was one of the latest snows she had ever seen in Tennessee in all the years she’s lived here. Can April 2013 really already be on the horizon?

We’ve been a sick home lately–Emily is in her room with sniffles listening to an audio version of Anne of Green Gables, Cody’s in the basement, mom’s resting in her room. Me? Just listening to lectures by Dr. Jeff Myers.

For the outfits below, I’m finding I often enjoy tucking my shirts in when I wear skirts and adding a belt with an outside cardigan or coat. It’s easy to take summer shirts and make them wearable for winter time if you have solid cardigans to wear over the short sleeves.

This is also one of my first winters to buy dark brown and black leggings so I can wear shorter skirts without freezing. I’ve found that leggings go a long way with a cute pair of winter boots. Though I do greatly enjoy my cowgirl boots, I’m finding for some outfits they’re what my mom and I might call “clodhoppery” (i.e. too bulky…you can almost see this in my navy blue skirt outfit below) and flats are a better choice.

One other thing. I used to love shirts with patterns and that was about all I owned. However, I’m finding that solids in general go alot further, especially in Tennessee winters when layering is nice. Solids are also more flexible for patterned skirts. However, I think vice versa works too (patterned skirts with solid tops, as you can see below in the blue shirt, patterned skirt outfit).

And girls? I’d love to hear your ideas or thoughts in the comment section! Feel free to share for the sake of other readers (and myself) things you’ve found helpful in your own pursuit of dressing for the Lord modestly, on a budget~ I know it’s always helpful to hear other’s ideas or suggestions as they’re walking this similar journey…

Cardigan: JCPenny?

Shirt dress: Store in CO whose name I can’t remember. : P

Skirt: Catos

Belt: Catos

Boots: Cavenders

Hairbow? Was mine as a little girl.

IMG_4085 copy IMG_4093 copy

Shirt: JCPenny?

Skirt: Target

Scarf: Gift

Camisole: DivineModestee

Boots: Cavenders

Leggings: Walmart

Hairpiece: Homemade

Coat: Target

IMG_4162 copy IMG_4174 copy

Skirt: Catos

Sweater: Target

Jacket: ?

Scarf: Shawl from a dress outfit I had as a little girl.

Skirt: Catos

(The second picture is the face “Mom, you were supposed to stop snapping when we said we were done…why are you still taking pictures?”) ;)

IMG_4423 copy IMG_4428 copy

Cardigan: Thrifted

White t-shirt: Target?

Skirt: Ross

Scarf: Christopher and Banks

Boots: Figured it out yet?

Sorry for the weird exposure in the next two pictures.IMG_4436 copy

IMG_4435 copy

Shirt: I think mom got it from Walmart or Target…

Skirt: Catos?

Belt: Belk?

Hat: Target or Walmart…years ago.

IMG_7368-1 copy copy

IMG_7526 copy


(Credit for the first couple photos goes to mom. However, the last four pictures were taken by Khloe…)


Dressing With a Heart for His Glory: 3

See original post here: https://foreverhisservant.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/dressing-with-a-heart-for-his-glory-1/

(All photo credit goes to my dear mom.)

It’s a quiet, cold(er) day here in Tennessee. The sky is covered by a blanket of grey clouds, the evident sunlight causing them to glow every so slightly as they drift over the bare-tree mountains. I can hear the crickets and frogs down by the creek nearby through my closed window. The wind causes my screen to shake every now and then.

The first “two” outfits (three pictures) were actually on the same day. I had put on the pink jacket but found that the short jacket fell at an awkward length for my waistline and long shirt. The long, burnt orange cardigan helped smooth out the outfit vs it looking choppy and unflattering to my body shape~

Interesting how one piece can totally change an outfit, isn’t it?

Pink jacket-thrifted for me by my mom years ago?


Jeans-I don’t remember. : P






Orange cardigan- Christopher and Banks?IMG_3792

White shirt-Target(actually wearing it again right now *quiet laugh*)

Pink Jacket-thrifted (Karm?)

Necklace-a boutique in CO




I wore the outfit below on a chillier day last week~ These winter days are slowly changing into spring-type weather here…


Red Camisole-Divine Modestee. My mom and I love their camisoles…high-necked and long. They’re expensive, but the company runs sales pretty regularly where you can snatch up a couple at a time for an okay price.

Skirt-Catos in Texas

Jacket-Recently bought on sale at Walmart~

Necklace-a gift

IMG_3979 IMG_3989 IMG_3991

I wore the below outfit this past Sunday…church, nursing home(one of the dear old ladies commented on how when she was my age the girls all dressed like I was dressed at the time. Maybe I should have been from her generation. ;)), concert~

White collared shirt-I don’t remember where I got it from, but did want to share some thoughts. This is an old shirt of mine that is a short sleeve button up. I no longer wear it as a short sleeve by itself because the sleeves are a bit peculiar for someone my age. However, I saved it for an outfit like the below where I needed a collared undershirt without a lot of extra bulging under the sweater from the sleeves. It was perfect!


Skirt-on sale from DownEast Basics. I will say I struck out the one time I ordered from them (this skirt is o.k. but I can only wear it one way: high on my waist with a shirt tucked in. In addition, it is sewn to where it slides around the elastic band at the waist. For the price they asked, I think it should have been tailored more efficiently), but I have a friend who loves their clothing~ So it may just depend on the day you order, what you order, or your body shape. ;)

Necklace-recent gift. Yes, it is a “pocket watch.” Love. Think it might have been bought at Cedar Springs Christian Book Store.


Black Flats-Rack Room?


Yesterday I found myself in the outfit below heading out to a dear little coffee shop in the town where I live. Sipping a creamy drink, surrounded by quiet noise, I found myself with a couple hours to just spend some much needed time with Jesus.

Dress-material from Hobby Lobby…made by a friend(primarily) and I.

Cardigan-JCPenny? Exact same one as the black cardigan four pictures above. However, in brown. :P

Necklace and earrings-don’t remember.

Brown leggings-Walmart




Dressing With A Heart For His Glory: 2

See original post here: https://foreverhisservant.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/dressing-with-a-heart-for-his-glory-1/

Something I’m beginning to realize is that if you have the right items, you can mix and match them to make alot of a different outfits. But having the right color items is key. Some of this just “happened,” but if you look at my outfits below, notice the repeating color themes….brown, aquamarine, burnt orange.

Here are a few outfits I’ve worn over the past couple weeks. :)

Sweater: Thrifted

Skirt: Hand-me-down

Socks: A girlfriend

Necklace: Christmas gift from my parents~

Boots: Cavenders. Okay, these are my new favorites; I just recently bought them. I took them on a outdoorsy college retreat a few weekends ago and wore them almost (one can’t really play volleyball in boots) nonstop. They work great for everyday wear or dressier occasions.



Recently, a girlfriend (Khloe) did a sister session with my little sis and I. It was very last minute, but so enjoyable. :) I was helping Emily get ready for the day (we were going to go to the library together) and realized we matched. I may have sent Khloe a text saying that if she happened to be free and if she could maybe meet us at the library at a certain time, we might just be up for a photo shoot. I was so excited when Khloe said yes~ I’d been wanting sister photos with Em for a long time, but it just hadn’t happened…until now. I didn’t want them to be picture perfect, but rather to capture Emily and I interacting as normal–to capture the faces of Emily I’ll one day long to remember again~ Thank you, Khloe!

My Outfit:

Shirt: Target?

Scarf: Actually a shawl from a skirt and shirt outfit I had when I was ?10?.

Skirt: Hand-me-down

Socks: Girlfriend

Boots: Cavenders

Jewelry: I don’t remember.IMG_6237IMG_5949-1~

Blouse: I don’t remember

Dress: Walmart

Leggings: Walmart

Belt: And old one of my mom’s

Boots: Cavenders (starting to see a trend in my pictures yet? Yeah, I love them).



I wore the one below yesterday…

Sweater: Target

Camisole: DivineModestee

Skirt: Dressbarn

Belt: Same as picture above

Leggings: WalmartIMG_3745


(~On Pinterest~)

Dressing With a Heart for His Glory: 1

Hi friends. :)

For a little while now I’ve wanted to start doing some type of practical, semi-regular posts on feminine dress. I’ve gone through a lot of different periods in my attempts at dressing modestly and femininely. I’ve gone through frumpy stages. I’ve gone through “people pleaser” stages. To be honest, in today’s culture it’s not very easy to dress in a modest, yet femininely beautiful style.

And yet, as time has gone on, I’ve seen Him molding within me and many others a desire to dress for His glory. When I wake up and decide what to wear each day, I don’t want to be thinking about who I’ll be around and what’s “cute and catchy”, but rather, I want to dress as if I’m dressing for Him. I truly desire to honor Him, honor others, and represent His character of beauty, creativity, and modesty through my clothing.

Right now, I’m seeking to grow in this area. I love getting ideas from other girls who are pursuing modest femininity and recently attended the Botkin sister’s Reclaiming Beauty Webinar Series  (I highly recommend it: http://westernconservatory.com/products/reclaiming-beauty). After first going over in depth what our heart attitudes should be towards beauty based on Scripture, the Botkin sisters also taught on things such as color palettes, thrift shopping, alterations, makeup, and so many other things.  I thought it might be fun to occasionally document parts of my journey with these new ideas/lessons. I went thrift shopping with a savvy girlfriend about a week ago, and spent about $35 on 6 nice items. These consisted of a skirt, two blazers, a sweater, sweater tank, and a cardigan in great condition. Typically, I would get about two shirts for that price. But I think I had my first taste of purposeful thrifting. I went into the stores knowing the generalities of what I was looking for and sought to limit myself to those things. God was so faithful! :)

In addition, I also wanted to let you all know I now have a Pinterest account and you can find me at: https://pinterest.com/4everhisservant/. I will be pinning my outfits/ideas from my blog on a specific board titled “Dressing With a Heart for His Glory”. This is more for my own sake and some things I’m trying to do, but I thought some others might get some fun ideas also in the meantime!

So without any further ado(sp?) here are the first two outfits…

Tank–Christopher and Banks

Cardigan–Goodwill or Karm?


Jewelry and Skirt–I don’t remember. :P

I’ve been wanting a pair of leg warmers for a while and finally decided to make myself some a couple nights ago. Frankly, I love them. I used a circle knitting loom and picked the color yarn I wanted. They’re nothing fancy, but they work great!


(This is Emily before her first basketball game!! It’s a new adventure for her…and to our great delight, the Lord granted her a goal right before the final time ran out…nothing will erase from my memory the smile she had beaming on her face when she looked over at us after the fact.)


Outfit 2:

Dress: Walmart

Cardigan: Goodwill or Karm

Necklace: Homemade

Belt: ?

Boots: Target

Okay. As to the jeans. Personally, I really dislike skinny jeans, for various reasons. But I found that I had a delimma any time I wanted to wear outfits like the one below. I typically wear looser jeans that flare out at the bottom, and therefore trying to tuck all the material in my boots ended up looking funny as it gathered above the top of the boots.

I had an old pair of jeans in my closet I didn’t like very much; I decided to make an attempt at turning them into a pair of skinniER jeans to be worn strictly under dress-type shirts. That way I didn’t look like a sack with all the extra bulging material and the jeans worked with boots tucked in, yet also functioned as more than leggings. I merely trimmed the material to about 2/3 of the way up each leg, resewed the seam, and walah.

Side note: After the fact, I ended up slipping on my shorter cowgirl boots with the leg warmers turned down over the top. I felt like the boots below were too bulky after the fact and the outfit was unbalanced.



IMG_3669That’s all I have this time around. :) May you have a blessed day–one of renewal in the knowledge of His grace and holiness….